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Sales and refunds

Right of return

The period begins following the receipt of these instructions in text (e.g. by mail, fax, email), not, however, before receipt of the goods by the recipient and also not before we have honored our obligations to inform in accordance with Article 246 § 2 in conjunction with § 1 Clauses 1 and 2 EGBGB as well as our obligations pursuant to § 312g Clause 1 Sentence 1 BGB in conjunction with Article 246 § 3 EGBGB.
The period is adhered to if the goods are dispatched or the request that they be taken back is made in time. Goods are always returned at our risk and expense.
BGB = German Civil Code

Consequences of the return

In the event of an effective return, the benefits received by either party shall be exchanged back and, if applicable, profits gained shall be returned. In case of the deterioration of the goods or for profits (e.g. advantages realized through item use), which wholly or partially cannot be returned, or can only be returned in a deteriorated state, you have to compensate us accordingly.
For the deterioration of the good and for profits gained you only have to pay compensation, if they are due to a use of the good which goes beyond an inspection of the qualities and functions of the good.
"Inspection of the qualities and function of the goods" means testing the item as it is possible and common practice in a retail store. Obligations to refund payments must be fulfilled within 14 days. For you this period starts on the date that the item or notice of return is sent; for us it begins upon receipt.

End of the return instructions.

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